Press-time arrives and it’s crunch-time for
traditional color management.

The crucial point for the traditional color management process in digital printing is on-press at the start of output of the print product. When the first print is examined, what happens if the customer doesn’t like the color ?

Does the color specialist build another traditional color management ICC profile with a different rendering intent? Does the job go back to Photoshop* in prepress to color correct the images? Does it become necessary to tell the customer that it’s the best that can be done considering the “quick delivery,” “low price” or the “quality of the provided image files" ?

CCN introduces ColorPower in the Digital Pressroom... the optimum solution. It’s a commercially viable “while-on-press” refined-color-editing solution, not a costly course of action like those above.

It’s perfect for all digital printing devices from toner-based to high-production-web-fed-ink-jet, from 24” wide format to grand format, as long as the devices are color managed with ICC-based profiles.

Again, it’s a commercially viable late-binding refined-color-editing solution and the only one especially designed for editing, “the last mile. . .the crucial mile in the printing process.” And, certainly we believe no one can match its accuracy and robustness.

In a matter of a few minutes !

Yes minutes. With CCN’s ColorPower in the Digital Pressroom an easily-trained digital press operator can apply an expert-like selective color, perfectly blending, 3D refined-color-editing (not common 2D), revisions to an ICC profile in the color-managed chain.

This produces a transformed CCN/ICC-Compliant profile that is re-introduced into the chain ready to create the desired color output.

Immediately, the press is set for the press operator’s next output which will be a corrected print.

The system is fast, robust and accurate.

In working with an HP Indigo 5600* configuration, CCN has experienced that the actual time elapsed in creating a corrected CCN/ICC profile is less than one second and the re-RIP time on a two sided 12”x19” layout is about 20 seconds. The time elapsed while the trained operator views the print, evaluates the need for a correction, and addresses the CCN Task Page to execute the correction is about 4-10 minutes. It should be noted that consulting with the customer, sales person, or customer service representative on their view of necessary color editing consumed approximately 80% of the 4-10 minutes.

CCN’s experience in working with a Grand Format printer (125”) was similar except for the longer re-RIP time commensurate with the large image sizes in play.

Refined-Color-Editing for
the Last Mile. . .the Crucial Mile
in the printing process.

*HP Indigo 5600 is a registered trademark of The Hewlett-Packard Company(commonly referred to as HP)

*Photoshop is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated
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