Adjust Press-ready PDFs right in Adobe® Acrobat®

  • Eliminate expensive prepress work and press down-time
  • Adjust Print Ready PDFs in seconds
  • Apply corrections directly in Adobe® Acrobat®. No need to edit the original InDesign or photoshop files and re-create PDFs.
  • On Screen Preview: Side by side comparisons of original and Adjusted files.
  • Selective Color Technology: target color shift where it originates:primaries, secondaries or gray balance.
  • Retain Press Calibration: Adjust color without compromising your G7® or other calibration.

Choose the tool that's right for your business

A complete set of tools for Color Experts

CCN ColorPower


billed annually

A comprehensive suite of color correction tools for press-side adjustments.

  • EasyButtons: Ready-made adjustments for color issues commonly encountered on-press.
  • Color Balance: Create custom adjustments for any color desired.
  • PatchFinder: Easily find the adjustments you need to give the results you want.
  • Combine Adjustments: Apply Easy Buttons, Color Balance and PatchFinder Adjustments at the same time.
  • Ideal for press operators and smaller shops

    CCN PatchFinder


    no subscription needed

    We've taken the most-used functionality of our ColorPower tools and spun it off into its own plug-in

  • Easily find the adjustments you need to give the results you want.
  • PatchFinder patches will show you exactly what each adjustment will do on your press. No more guessing!