Advanced Topics

Color Families

In ColorPower, pixels in an image are categorized based on the ratio of colorants in them. To do this, we divide the possible permutations of overprints into 7 groups. Some of these groups have the same name as color channels, so we use the term Color Family' to indicate we are not referring to conventional color channels.

The color families are as follows:
First there are the Cyan, Magenta and Yellow families, wich consist of the pixels composed entirely of a single colorant. ( Black is handled as a special case and is discussed separately)

Next come the Red, Green and Blue families. These are composed of all the pixels that consist of 2 color overprints, such as Red (magenta and yellow), Green (cyan and yellow) or Blue (cyan and magenta)

And then we have the Neutral family, which is composed of pixels with cyan, magenta and yellow colorants.

This can be a very useful tool for correcting on press. As we learned in Color Families, a pixel can be affiliated with one, two or even three color families. If, for example, your prints are off in gray balance, you can adjust the neutrals in every pixel without compromising the primary or secondary colors of your image.

For example, if you entered the values Cyan: 12 Magenta: 34 Yellow: 43 Black: 2.

That is a light Orange-ish color composed of 51.16% red (equal amounts of Magenta and yellow),27.91% neutral() and 20.93% yellow (the amount of yellow over and above the 'redness').