Quick Start

To begin using ColorPower, simply open a CMYK PDF you wish to adjust and select ColorPower from the CCN ColorPower menu. This will open the ColorPower dialog. The ColorPower dialog consists of 4 panes: Easy Buttons, PatchFinder, Color Balance and Login Details. Select the EasyButtons pane and select 'Contrast Stretch: Enhance Image Contrast' and click the Add EasyButton button. You will then see the Contrast stretch listed in the top of the dialog under Current Adjustments.

Click 'Apply Adjustments' in the lower right corner of the dialog. The plug-in will process for a moment (depending on file size) and then open a copy of your document which has been adjusted with the selected adjustments.*

The copy will have the same name as your original, but prefixed with 'adjusted_'.

You can then switch back and forth between the two documents to see the changes, or even use the 'Compare files' function to see the changes side by side.

That's it! You've adjusted a file. To learn more about the different ways ColorPower can adjust your files, keep reading!